Bear Site Visitor

Perfect traffic generation tool for everyday use. It provides ability to generate direct traffic or traffic through number of search engines – Google, Bing, Baido, Yahoo and Yandex.

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about Bear Site Visitor

Bear Site Visitor tool allows you to generate traffic for your site(s).
The tool provides full browser emulation so all scripts (including analytics such as google analytics) will execute on pages.

Easy To Configure

You can configure input flow and see the whole processing in real-time.

Awesome Support

Search engine traffic generation is supported (currently Google and Bing).

Exclusive Services

Multi-threading, proxies, waiting intervals configuration are supported. Fast proxy checker is included.


Our features makes the tool fully unique from another similar SEO tools. We provide the best services to our clients.

  • Full browser emulation

    Configuration of browser settings: user agent, proxy, intervals and other.

  • Two types of search engines: Google, Bing

    Two types of traffic: direct traffic, traffic from search engine.

  • Search engine custom domain

    Click links inside target site.

  • Real-time results and statistics


  • Embedded proxy checker

    ‘Start new process only when local IP changed’ setting.

  • Amazing executive process

    Real-time statistics in google analytics.



Here are some of reviews.
All comments are real, you can check them here on Envato page here


You can find whole help information about some parameter by clicking on ”?” buttons that near of each UI element in the application
The proxies are needed to make generated visits be unique by IP You need proxies or some mechanism of IP changing in your operation system. The proxies are not included in the application for some reasons (proxy providers resell policy, target location issues and other). The application uses HTTP/HTTPs proxies. You can buy proxies for example here
Yes! If you don’t see results the issues with proxies or network settings. I can show you additional prove via skype – yrevotyuk or team viewer conversation if needed
Short answer – as many as possible. Long answer: the number of proxies recommended to be equal or greater than number of visitors per day – to have in result visitors from unique IPs
Yes. But note, that quality of free proxies can be poor because many people use them. I have already created application for finding and checking proxies here is it- Too Many Proxies, or you can use some other (even freeware) application. Recommendation mix your payed proxies with free.

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Demo video that shows common functionality


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